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Michael Wollpert (@Wollpert) has been teaching group fitness classes for over 15 years. His passion for fitness translates into challenging, high-intensity but obtainable workouts. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Master Instructor at Flywheel Sports and Nike NTC Trainer, Michael believes fitness should be an option for everyone. He thrives on connecting with his clients to inspire change. Michael is also an avid marathon runner, triathlete, long distance cyclist and expedition adventure racer. If you’re hanging around the studio, keep your eyes open for a surprise visit from his Great Dane, Nikolai too!

In the Spring of 2014, Michael was a finalist for Live with Kelly & Michael’s “Top Fitness Instructor” competition. See his nationally televised interview and live demo below!



Chicago Magazine

Best of Chicago 2014: Best Gym for Cross-Training

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 4.59.28 PMSince 2009, Michael Wollpert, a local trainer with a serious following, has operated a facility for other trainers to use with private clients. In January, he opened this River North studio to bring his effective regimen to the masses: Trainology offers more than 50 classes a week based on the way Wollpert himself trains for a packed schedule of triathlons, cycling events, and multiday adventure races.

The draw? Sessions combine cross-training intervals in a way that minimizes intensity and impact—reducing the risk of injury, according to Wollpert. For example, hike and glide classes, an alternative to treadmill running, use glide boards to tone often-ignored lateral muscles. And the signature Trainology class alternates between walking, jogging, or sprinting and strength training on suspension equipment. Hardcore adherents can track heart rate and calories burned in real time. Drop-in rate: $25.

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Chicago Sun-Times: Sue’s Morning Stretch


Chicago’s in the house on “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” on Thursday. Local trainer Michael Wollpert will put the show’s hosts through a workout as he competes against four others in the show’s Top Fitness Trainer Contest. Wollpert, owner and founder of Trainology (309 W. Chicago Ave.), was chosen from among hundreds who were competing. Was he surprised he was selected? Oh yeah, he says, because he wasn’t aware he was even in the running. According to Wollpert, unbeknownst to him, some of his satisfied clients started the campaign. When he got the call that he was in the running – an hour before it was going to be announced on the show – he says he remembers asking, “I’m sorry; who is this?” But he’s embraced the opportunity, and thinks Thursday’s time before the cameras is “gonna be fun.”
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Chicago Workouts To Up Your Fitness Game

refinery29Glideology at Trainology Fitness 
Whoever said working out couldn’t be fun? In Glideology, you’ll mimic the moves of Apolo Ohno on a glide board, so you can skate your way to a more toned backside while burning some serious calories in the process.

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13984388971148877498TRAINology: BUFF BUDDIES
While some of the new wave of boutique gyms can be way out there (ballet boot camp anyone?), Trainology makes sure you meet your realistic fitness goals. Grab up a buddy or two and head to this state-of-the-art Chicago gym for a new take on circuit training. If running’s your jam, core Trainology classes have you covered. Feel the exhilaration of an intense cardio workout on Freemotion incline trainers, or strength exercises on TRX suspension bands and free weights.

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Chicago Racked – GLIDEology at Trainology

423219_312451052154157_2014506009_nA trusty tipster told us about Trainology, the brand-new fitness studio in River North that combines high intensity training with a heart-rate tracking system. Its craziest class? GLIDEology (which, incidentally, looks like so. much. fun.) Participants use skating movements to move around on a “glide board.”

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Pure Wow – HIKEology 60

50b9cf7b715a2932585da7a78d64199fIF SO INCLINED – A fitness class that mimics hiking!
Fear of missing out: It hits you hard every time you glimpse an Instagram shot of your L.A. pal’s daily hillside hikes.
To at least approximate that experience, head on over to River North’s Trainology Fitness for HIKEology.

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she-knows-logo1-390x324HIKEology: An interval class for running-haters.

“I don’t run. My two biggest running accomplishments are: Walking the mile during the Presidential Fitness Test in eighth grade. Walk/running a 5K two years ago in. . . wait for it. . . 39 minutes and then googling: “5K in 39 minutes — is that good?” Guess what? It’s not. This isn’t to say I hate working out.”

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Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.38.28 PM FAB FIT CHICAGO – HIKEology 60, TRAINology 60, GLIDEology 60

HIKEology: “While Michael Wollpert and his crew can’t do much about the lack of forestry in River North, they’ve found a way to replicate the hiking workout using what I affectionately call “treadmills of death.” Not only do these treadmills go up to a 30-degree incline (refer to the above picture for a visual- I’ll let you digest that steepness for a minute), but they also have a negative incline to mimic the natural downhill slope that comes after you hike up a mountain.”

TRAINology: “TRAINology uses a tread-and-shred format that I adore. You won’t spend enough time on any one section of class or on any one exercise to get to that if-I-have-to-do-one-more-squat-I’m-out-of-here place.

We went through four 15-minute sections, moving from hills to speed on the treadmills and working the entire body with toning series that used BoSu balls, resistance tubes and TRX bands. A lot of the class’s toning used a combination of muscle groups, so instead of just doing a lunge, we’d do a lunge followed by a knee lift.”

GLIDEology:  “Our GLIDEology session started off on the namesake glide boards. After donning the necessary booties (think a set of elastic scrubs that fit over your tennis shoes), we warmed up by simply sliding back and forth on the boards, using our outside feet to push off and propel ourselves to the other end of the glide board. About five minutes into the workout, I could already get a gauge of how sore I would be the next day- the motion really targets your outer and inner thighs, as well as your butt from the low stance.”

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It is important to diversify your workouts to get the most successful results. If you are an active runner, spin class fanatic, or Crossfit trainer, consider the benefits of adding Pilates to your mix. It will amplify the results you achieve.

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