TRAINology Classes:


TRAINology Fitness is a unique group fitness training studio that takes state-of-the-art technology and fitness to a new level. Classes will incorporate a strength and cardio work out along with a group heart-rate system that helps maximize and track results while maintaining a safe workout. No matter your age or gender you will find a workout that challenges and helps you to achieve your goals. TRAIN-TRACK-TRANSFORM!

We have taken traditional High Intensity Training (H.I.T.), combined it with a heart-rate tracking system (MyZone), and designed three distinct classes to meet the needs of any fitness level. Classes will help burn fat and build cardio strength to improve overall fitness. You can track your progress daily, weekly or monthly with MyZone results that are sent by email or text after each class. Our workouts are 45 or 60 minutes, alternating between cardio and strength segments. We offer RUN, HIKE, GLIDE, GLIDE/HIKE and TRACK (outdoor in the warmer months) classes and more.

Our formula includes motivating and knowledgeable instructors who offer modifications to keep the workout safe and sustainable. Transform your body with our MyZone  heart rate system that gives you real time knowledge of how you are working in class. TRAINology’s equipment includes: Freemotion Incline trainers (-3 degree decline to + 30 degree incline), glide boards, TRX S-Frame with suspension trainers and monkey bars, MyZone heart system, adjustable Reebok professional steps, free weights, Dynomax balls, Bosu balance balls, kettle bells and exercise tubing.

RUN 45/60*

Our signature class, incorporates cardio and strength interval segments. Cardio intervals include alternating speed with low to moderate incline hills and downhills. Strength intervals range from TRX suspension training, bodyweight exercises and free weights. This class is a favorite of our runners.

*Upper Body & Abs: Approximately 30 mins of tread run intervals combined with 30 mins of strength work focused on the upper body muscle groups, abs and lower back.

*Total Body:
45 minutes of running treadmill intervals combined with strength work designed to hit all of the major muscle groups.

*Foam Roll: ADDITIONAL 15 minutes of coached foam rolling and stretching exercises!

HIKE 45/60*

Take a hike on our Freemotion incline trainers with elevations as high as 30 and as low as -3. You will burn fat and explore muscles you never knew you had! While this is a similar format to our signature class, running is not required.

*Lower Body: Approximately 30 mins of treadmill hike intervals combined with 30 mins of strength work focused on the lower body muscled groups.
Approximately 30 mins of treadmill hike intervals combined with 30 mins of strength work focused on the lower body muscled groups.

GLIDE 45/60

Change your direction and your results using glide boards to focus on lateral movements similar to skating. Tone and lift your backside while defining a new fat burning cardio movement.


This class combines both our GLIDEology and HIKEology classes into one amazing fat burning and muscle toning workout.


Our signature GLIDE class paired with running treadmill intervals.


Give your heart a break and join us for a 45 minute total body strength workout. This station workout will work upper, lower and core muscles focusing on form and the right number of reps for you. Taught with our signature TRAINology philosophy (all fitness levels welcome) each person can maximize their session in our small group training environment to help you transform your body.


Approximately 30 mins of running treadmill intervals combined with 30 mins of circuit work including but not limited to compound muscle group strength training and plyometrics. All levels of fitness and ability are welcome as the circuit work is scaled for each participant.


Approximately 30 minutes of treadmill hike intervals combined with 30 minutes of circuit work including but not limited to compound muscle group strength training and plyometrics. All levels of fitness and ability are welcome the circuit work is scaled for each participant.


A new 45 minute class combining glide board cardio intervals with off the board core exercises. Intended to burn calories and help tone up your entire core.



1 Class*
5 Classes*
10 Classes*
Unlimited Classes
$165.00 /month
Mid Day Package**
$105.00 /month
*All class purchases expire 3 months from date of purchase. Purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable
**Unlimited classes during the 8:30am, 9:30am or Noon hours Monday- Friday [not valid for any weekend classes]



Michael Wollpert


Michael has been teaching group fitness classes for over 15 years. His passion for fitness translates into challenging, high-intensity but obtainable workouts. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Master Instructor at Flywheel Sports and Nike NTC Trainer, Michael believes fitness should be an option for everyone. He thrives on connecting with his clients to inspire change. Michael is also an avid marathon runner, triathlete, long distance cyclist and expedition adventure racer.  Keep your eyes open for a surprise visit from his Great Dane, Nikolai!


April Torneby


Through thirteen years of extensive dance training, April Torneby has developed a sound understanding of body mechanics and a true passion for movement.  April aims to bring a challenging workout to all of her clients through fun, upbeat music and the philosophy that regardless of body composition or fitness level you can train like an athlete, transforming yourself inside and out.


Meredith Meravy


Using her experience with the TRAINology method, Meredith’s objective as an instructor is to motivate, challenge, and educate in every workout. She encourages clients to set, meet, and exceed their fitness goals, advocating transformation in both body and mind. An Ohio University graduate, Meredith is an avid distance runner, who also enjoys yoga and indoor cycling.


Jessica Ribaudo


Jessica started her group fitness career at loyola university where she received her Bachelors of science in Nursing. I would to compete running on any scale from a 5k to a marathon. In 2016 you will see me cross training a ton at TRAINology for the Boston Marathon as I feel cross training is fundamental to my speed. I’m geared to coach you through an energetic workout that will leave any fitness level feeling strong.


Tori Karsten


With a wealth of fitness knowledge and experience, Tori’s goal is to inspire others to be active, healthy and fit. It is important to have a healthy balance of work and recovery and most importantly to work hard but have fun. Her goal for you at TRAINology, smart training is key to success and those things that you have to work the hardest for, mean the most in the end


Liz Dannenberg


With over 13 years as a certified nutritionist, personal trainer and yoga instructor. Liz brings a wealth of experience to the TRAINology community. She dedicated to educating, inspiring and motivating people to live healthier lifestyles and reach their maximum potential. Plus, she is a strong believer in making fitness fun.


John Wierzbicki


With over 15 years of combined coaching and personal training experience he is extremely passionate when it comes to helping others reach their health and fitness goals. He is a believer that everyone is an athlete, regardless if they’ve ever participated in a sport or not. In addition to challenging his clients, John currently challenges himself by training year round to compete in Professional Beach Volleyball tournaments and Stand Up Paddle Board races. If you plan to come to one of John’s classes at TRAINology, come ready to work! He loves to be creative with his programming and his ultimate goal is to give participants, regardless of their age or abilities, the opportunity to feel like an athlete.


Mitchell Arce


A seasoned trainer, Mitchell has an athletic background that includes basketball, football, swimming, and baseball. His passion both on and off the field resonates in the TRAINology studio. Mitchell’s biggest accomplishment is the idea that he can continue to learn something new everyday and bring those learnings to your classes each day.