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Fuel your success with the CompuTrainer

CompuTrainer provides the best indoor biking experience yet created. Through the use of structured workouts, it enables you to increase your cycling power and speed by 5% – 20% or more depending on the time and effort you put in. Whatever your starting point, you’ll improve significantly.

CompuTrainer is best in its class by a wide margin. It sets the industry standard for accuracy (± 2.5%), power (1500 watts max), quality, and service lifetime (10+ years). Exclusive performance features like SpinScan™ electronic pedal stroke analysis and Adjustable Aerodynamic Drag Factor are unique to CompuTrainer. Cycling and triathlon coaches worldwide use CompuTrainer as their primary testing and training instrument. USA Triathlon and USA Cycling test and train their team athletes with CompuTrainer.


3-month CompuTRAIN package:  $249/month

THREE CompuTRAIN classes and TWO TRAINology classes per week

A new package available to any clients who wish to cross-TRAIN.  Take any three CompuTRAIN classes (we suggest either the Back to Basics or Maintenance Threshold & Vo2 Max, below) and two TRAINology classes (any denominations of TRAIN, HIKE or GLIDE) per week.  This is great value that comes to $12.45 per class!

(Autopay only)
Computraining and CompuTRAIN is BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike)

Rides & Services

We offer a variety of coached and non-coached rides to choose from, including:

Course Rides

The Course Ride provides riders with a race course from somewhere in the world that can be done at their own intensity. Course Rides are one to two hours in duration and are usually available on weekends.

Interval Training

Interval training designed to improve your power levels in zones 3/4.

Intense Anaerobic Interval Training

High intensity interval training designed to improve your power in zones 4/5/6. (Advanced riders only)

Aerobic Base Build-Up

For those riders who have taken some time off and are looking to get back into their training. Rides designed to build up and conditioned for our 12 Weeks Build Series through development of an Aerobic Base. Morning or Evening classes are available.

Cycling-Specfic Coached Computraining Packages (4, 8, 12 week packages)

This series is structured around the client’s particular goal. The series provides each rider with a one-on-one goal. The series provides each rider with a one-on-one goal planning session with coach, followed by an FTP test. Participants ride 2-3 times per week in group-coaching sessions with up to 3 other riders sharing common or complimentary goals. Coach provides each rider with written weekly progress report and performance data tracking and analysis.

Triathlon Training Package

Coach weekly training sessions running through a season structured around established “target” races (e.g., Galena, Racine, Chicago Triathlon).

IronMan Training package

Coach weekly training sessions running through an Ironman season structured around established “target” races.

Custom Cycling Workouts

In addition, our coaches can customize our software to create the ideal course and intervals to achieve your personal goals or if you are training for a specific race. Check back on our website for race-specific promotions and specials.

If you prefer greater structure, we offer a variety of coached packages, including:



1 Session
10 Sessions
20 Sessions
3-Month CompuTRAIN Package


4 week programs
8 week programs
12 week programs


Ironman - Personalized Training
Triathlon club


BIKE storage
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Trainer tire
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Bike Mechanic
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Group rates & studio rental
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